Profile PicDevin Zugic is an accountant and resides in San Diego, CA. Devin is formerly of the Air Force and enlisted after graduating high school for a six year term.

Devin is originally from Riverside, IL and attended Riverside High School where he excelled in athletics, being a member of the varsity tennis and varsity basketball teams throughout his entire high school career. He began his career early, working with Sprint Mobile for roughly a year during high school as a customer service representative. While working at Spring, Devin honed his skills as a sales-person, having dealt out and negotiated mobile contracts and plans with customers face-to-face. After working with Sprint, Devin held a position at WTTW Store of Knowledge as a customer service representative, and further affirmed his people and negotiation skills. It was soon after graduating high school that Devin enlisted in the Air Force of a six-year active duty term. While in the Air Force, Devin was able to travel the world extensively, having travelled for training in Australia and throughout the United States.

Enlisting in the Air Force additionally opened up Devin’s educational opportunities due to veteran education subsidization from the government. While performing his active duty service, Devin was engaged in online classes with Ridgewood Community College in pursuit of his Associates Degree. Shortly after beginning his education, Devin determined that he would pursue an education in accounting, and after a great deal of thought, he applied to transfer to a 4-year university at Illinois State University. However, after attending a semester there, Devin determined that Illinois State was not the right place to pursue an education in accounting. He transferred back to Ridgewood Community College and finished his Associates Degree soon afterward. He then applied to and was accepted to DePaul University in Chicago where he attended for two years and graduated with his BA in Accounting.

Devin is a sports fan and, being from the Chicago area, is a Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Blackhawsk fan. When he returns East from San Diego, he frequently attends games with his family. He additionally writes a great deal about sports, and can be found at his sports page.